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Happy Holidays, Middle Primary - Ms Erica & Ms. Anelda

Happy Holidays


Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Laura

Sand and Water

The sun has finally come out in Belgium and we have just finished our last IPC unit for this school year: Sand and Water. What an exciting unit for our younger students! Experimenting and exploring were at the heart of this unit.

For our entry point we created an indoor beach and a sand room! The children put their swimmers on and dived into the wonderful world of sand and water. We absolutely managed to sparkle their curiosity!

During this unit the children learned about the water cycle - thank you Ms Chiara for leading this learning activity! The children were able to observe and participate in experiments to understand that water does not always look and feel the same! Water can be liquid, solid and gas! Wow! We also explored the concepts of floating and sinking and experimented with different objects trying to forecast what would happen to them once we put them in the water. During this unit we also learned about the names of different sea creatures and some of the things that make them so unique. We watched some amazing videos such as an octopus changing colours, a male seahorse giving birth and a puffer fish...Read the full article

Lower Primary - Ms Cristi - Ms Julieta, Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta, Lower-Primary - Ms Cristi

Lower Primary, YOU ROCK!

Welcome back to our last blog from this school year!

A lot has happened since our last blog! First we studied all about structures during our IPC Unit called “Buildings”. The children discovered many famous buildings from around the world. They created a little booklet, or how they like to call it “a little encyclopedia”, with lots of interesting facts about the buildings or monuments we explored in class. By using books, the internet and other sources of information, the children sketched the main features of each building.

We also studied how buildings have evolved through time, and visited one of the oldest streets here in our city, Ghent. The students observed very carefully, trying to catch every detail of the

...Read the full article

Upper-Primary - Mr Jamie, Bilingual Programme - Mr Francis

A Stellar Summer Term: An Odyssey of Learning and Adventure

As we bid farewell to another action-packed academic year in our Upper Primary classroom, it's only fitting to reflect on our vibrant Summer Term. This term has been nothing less than an exciting voyage, taking us from the wonders of our solar system to the development of lifelong skills.

Our exploratory journey commenced with the 'Mission to Mars' IPC unit. This module catapulted us into the farthest reaches of the cosmos, the classroom morphing into a spacecraft of sorts. The students, our brave astronauts, launched into their inquiry of our solar system. They traced humankind's quest to conquer space, spanning from ancient star-gazers to modern astronauts.

This celestial voyage also ignited a creative spark in our young scholars. Encouraged to envision an out-of-this-world narrative, they crafted enchanting poems, their words reflecting the infinite beauty of the cosmos. It was indeed fascinating to watch them delve into the art of poetry, mastering its techniques while spinning tales of interstellar journeys.

In addition to academics, our Summer Term centred around developing vital life skills together...Read the full article

IPC: Sand & Water, Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Marianne

IPC: Sand and Water Unit

IPC Unit On ‘Sand and Water’

The Glitter Class 

Upper Pre-Primary

Dear Family and Friends

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Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Laura

They could barely stop talking about them...!

During this IPC unit we have learned much about the amazing world of bears. Children are always curious about animals and bears are an interesting and fun one to focus on! They could barely stop talking about them...!


Our entry point for this unit was a teddy bears’ picnic at school. Children were allowed to bring a teddy bear from home for the entire unit starting by joining our! As a snack, the children made their own sandwiches, which of course made them double delicious!

During this unit, roll playing was a key element. The children listened to the story of Goldilocks and the three bears and then role played it. For a whole week, the story kept being played over and over. The children never seemed to have enough! Later on, we removed the props and introduced the four puppets. The children loved using the puppets to tell the story.


Throughout these weeks we have learned much about bears: the different kinds there are, where they live, what they eat, about hibernation, … Very exciting things to learn!

During sports the students went on a bear hunt. They had to swim, jump and...Read the full article

Lower Primary - Ms Cristi - Ms Julieta, Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta, Lower-Primary - Ms Cristi

Green Screen Super Stars!

Welcome back to Lower Primary’s Blog!

The weather starts to change, springtime is slowly making its way and in the meantime the children in Lower Primary are also developing and growing. We are amazed to see how much our class has been learning this term!

This time around we dipped our toes in a novel visual-effect and post-production technique:  The Green Screen.

The children were fascinated and intrigued by it, and to take full advantage of it we made our School Assembly Presentation about the Green Screen based on our IPC project ‘ We are what we eat’!

The result was amazing and everybody was very impressed with all the special effects the class managed to present. Good job everybody!

This term the children also learned about plants, how they grow and the vital role they play in our planet.

The last Friday of February the whole school showed their support to BedNet and we came to school in our pyjamas. It was a very cosy and comfortable day!

We would also like to welcome Siya, our new student in Year 2. Siya comes from India and has adapted...Read the full article