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Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Laura

A Family of Friends.

For some of the children in Lower Pre-Primary, the 1st of September was the first day ever at school. Maybe the first day ever away from their parents for so very long. For a two and a half years old, this is a huge step. During the first weeks of school, I have focused on helping the children feel taken care of, safe, and loved. Amongst others, reassuring them that mom did not just vanish from the face of the Earth. I was very pleasantly surprised by how quickly the children adapted to the new situation. Within a week they were mostly happy to come to school and waved their parents away with a smile!


The second step for our little family was to progressively get used to the class routines. From the beginning I have encouraged children to be independent and do as many of their tasks as possible. For example, upon arrival the children must do the following: take their backpacks off, take their jackets off, hang it, open the backpack, sort out the...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Marianne

The Glitter Class - Family and Friends Unit

It seems long ago that our journey began together but the reality is only eight full weeks!  Sixteen students and two teachers, connecting for the first time. 

The IPC unit of ‘Family and Friends’ was a fabulous starting point. 

Our entry point was family photographs, firstly looking at the photographs together as a group and sharing different information about our families including how many people were in our families.  This led to our ‘big block’ provocation, students had to find their families on different blocks. It was delightful hearing students shouting “look my family”, but also to observe students handing friends blocks with their brother, sister, mother or father on.  A new level of connection because we did not just know each other we knew who our families were too. 

We also counted and stamped family members into houses and listened carefully to stories about different kinds of family.  We learnt that not all families are the same.

We had lots of fun looking at what we looked like as babies and learned to recognise our friends from their baby photographs. We had all grown in similar ways...Read the full article

IPC Who am I, Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta, Lower-Primary - Ms Cristi

Discovering Lower Primary!

Welcome to Lower Primary

Hello everybody and welcome to Lower Primary Blog!

It has been a great start of the school year! We look forward to learn with your wonderful children and we are enjoying getting to know them every day!

 After a long summer holiday, the children quickly settled to the new routines and the new environment! We are extremely proud of this class!

 To start off the new school year, we discussed how important it is to be able to play and learn together. In Lower Primary we have 8 “golden rules’: Be a friend. Listen. Share. Help clean up. Wait for your turn. Raise your hand. Walk do not run. Keep your hands to yourself.

 During our first week we reviewed some numeracy and literacy topics and polished up our reading skills. We also talked about how the brain develops and how it loves to take on new challenges. We now understand that our brain establishes new connections every time we are faced with new challenges. We talked about a fixed and growth mindset and their differences. Our aim is to work towards having a growth mindset and we will do our best to achieve it!

...Read the full article

Upper-Primary - Mr Jamie

We're Back!

Welcome to Upper Primary! A big warm welcome to our new students, families and interns joining the ISG family this year. A special shout out to our considerate, kind and joyful intern Ms. Dominika who joins us this term from Slovenia. 

To kick off the academic year we spent the night in De Panne along with Middle Primary for an unforgettable experience at the coast. Students had the chance to explore the town with a scavenger hunt, roam the dunes with an expert guide and get caught up with friends old and new. 

Back at school...Read the full article

Welcome Back, Middle Primary - Ms Erica & Ms. Anelda

Welcome back

Welcome back to another great year of learning!  The start of the school year is always a moment of great anticipation and excitement. We hope you have had an enjoyable summer.  The children have certainly had lots of exciting stories to share. 

First a warm welcome to our two new students, Izzy ( Y3) and Stefan (Y4). I hope you all settle in well here at ISG. Also a warm welcome to Miss Regina who will be helping us in Middle Primary.

To start the term, we have been reviewing some numeracy and literacy topics and most importantly we have been adjusting to our new morning and afternoon routines.

In Numeracy students have been looking at different tasks. Year 3 students have been learning their Number bonds, practicing different Adding and Subtraction strategies and Problem solving skills. Our Year 4  students have been learning their Multiplication Tables, Fractions, Time and practicing different Adding and Subtraction strategies and Problem Solving skills.


In literacy, Middle Primary has been learning about grammar rules, spelling rules and practicing our writing skills. This term we have...Read the full article