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Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Corine

Plants and Flowers

Independence and Interdependence

Diversity and considering different perspectives were central as we explored a variety of flower inspired artworks by historical and contemporary artists from different backgrounds. Afterwards learners created their own interpretations of a selected artist based on   what attracted them most.  They proudly spoke out when sharing their creations at assembly with the rest of the school.  
Additionally, the children learned about simple responsibilities by caring for their seeds, which they can continue to do with the plants in their fairy garden at home. They also took care of the local environment by collecting trash, preserving plants, and planting new ones. Maintaining acceptable behaviour was emphasized, particularly during visits to different botanical gardens or when waiting their turn for workshops.



Language & Literacy

We enjoyed a variety of stories, including several non-fiction books and different versions of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Learners had fun cutting and sequencing  their own storybook.  They also learned plant-...Read the full article

Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta

Spring is in the air...

Welcome back to the Lower Primary blog! It's been a while since our last entry, and I'm very excited to share with you what we've been up to.

To start, we delved into a new unit of inquiry called 'A Day in the Life'. During this unit, the children explored various professions from around the world. We also looked at the evolution of televisions, from the first ones back in the day to the modern and fancy TVs we have today. Additionally, the children used their imagination to envision how televisions might look in the future. Can you imagine?

We were fortunate to have contributions from our family members during this unit. Each week, our class had the opportunity to host two parents who kindly shared insights into their professions. They discussed their primary responsibilities, highlighting both enjoyable and challenging aspects of their jobs. Additionally, they shared interesting details about their occupations. The children actively participated in these discussions, listening attentively and asking thoughtful questions of our guest speakers.

After each presentation, the children documented their...Read the full article

Ms Cristi Middle Primary MP, Middle Primary - Ms Cristi

Geographers and scientists!

Welcome to our new post about the exciting happenings in MP’s everyday life at school! These past weeks have been full of excitement, learning and joy in MP! The children have been happily engaged in lots of activities, so let me tell you all about it!


...Read the full article

Upper Primary - Mr Jamie

Spring-ing into Action!

We started our term with a day trip to the Brussels art & history museum! As part of our IPC studies on non-European civilisations, we were lucky to have a guided tour of the collection “Art of the Islamic World”. After learning about the architectural marvels of mosques, noticing Near and Middle East patterns up close helped bring our historical studies to life!  There was plenty of inspiration for students to later create their own geometric repeating patterns in class using only a compass and ruler. Take a look at our artwork in the shared album below – what patterns can you notice?

Later this term we were invited to our 2nd InterQuiz competition at BEPS where Year 5 and 6 students competed in a battle of general knowledge – Kahoot style. Although we didn’t win a trophy this year our students should be very proud of themselves for participating and their resilience against such stiff competition.

In Literacy we started a new book, the dystopian novel ‘Boy in the Tower’. Exploring the themes and features of science-fiction genre resulted in some ardent ideas and predictions being made – from...Read the full article

Lower-Primary - Ms Elspeth

Spring has come to Lower Primary 2!

It’s been a super busy Spring Term in Lower Primary 2 and the children have been learning and discovering so much.

We hit the ground running after the February break, welcoming our new friend Venia and re-organising the classroom and embedding some new class routines. All of the children were so excited to have their own roles within the class, gaining more autonomy over the arrangement of resources and up-keep of their learning environment. We’ve loved working even more as a team too, and being supportive of our friends to help us achieve our new goals of ‘class smilies’ – twenty two smiley face stickers in total for all of our collaboration! The children were so proud of themselves when we celebrated their successes with some extra playtime outside!

We started our IPC unit, ‘A Day in the Life,’ with the children thinking about the type of jobs that they already knew and using costumes and props to decide which would match with each type of profession. The class then had a fantastic time deciding what jobs they would like to have in the future and designing their very own tabards to match these professions;...Read the full article

Upper-Primary - Ms Kelsey

Welcome to the fantastic world of Upper Primary 1: In Blog, Edition Four!

Welcome to the fantastic world of Upper Primary 1: In Blog, Edition Four!

We have ended the Spring Term with beginnings as we said hello to our new intern, Agnese. She has joined us from Italy and we are very excited to welcome her. ...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Erin

❀ Plants and flowers ❀

We kicked off the first week of our Plants and Flowers unit with an amazing entry point. We went on a walk in the area around the school to look for plants, flowers, trees, and weeds. Not only did we discover many new plants and flowers, but we also collected  any rubbish  we found on the street during our walk so that the plants had a clean environment to grow. After the trip, we continued playing in our pretend flower store and started learning about  the parts of the flower. We did this in a hands on way through puzzles and crafting our own flowers.

In the second week, we visited a real flower store. Here, we  used all our senses to explore  flowers. They were so pretty and smelled very nice. In the end, we all got to pick our favourite flower to put in our class bouquet. We used this to make an artwork where we painted our favourite flowers in a vase.  We  planted our own flowers and micro greens and learned about their need for water and sunlight to grow. We also practiced spatial awareness with a fun flower planting game and ended the week with a special bingo event which the...Read the full article