After-School Clubs

We offer a range of after-school clubs for children to sign up to. All clubs take place at school and cost between 8 and 10 Euros per lesson.

The selection of after-school clubs changes slightly every semester but take a look below to see what's on offer at the moment!


After-School Clubs for Pre-Primary pupils

Music initiation

Young children are introduced to the basic elements of music in a fun and playful way!

Dutch Craft Club

Learn Dutch through fun art & craft activities!


​After-School Clubs for ages 5 and up




Dancing and aerobics combined – fun and great for fitness and co-ordination!


​After-School Clubs for Primary pupils only



​Dutch - beginner level

Dutch – intermediate level

For children who have followed at least one year of Dutch classes

Lego Education WeDo workshop

Lego, robotics and simple programming combined. Children follow instructions to make structures that they then programme to move and make noises!


Children will participate and enjoy a range of different sports. Fun and fitness combined!