Parents' Association

A close-knit community which allows students to learn and grow with a profound appreciation for diversity and cultural exchange.
Miss Lamo, volunteer teacher assistant


ISG has a fantastic parent community. The aim of the Parents’ Association is to welcome new parents, foster a positive relationship between parents and the school and to enable parents to get involved at ISG. The PA creates a partnership which helps the school listen to and deal with parents’ concerns and also share the latest school developments. Our aim is to build a well-informed school community where all families are welcome and all nationalities are celebrated. Volunteering is a big part of the PA and we encourage parents to get involved – it is one of the best ways to learn how things work at ISG and also a great way to meet new people. Specific details about the ways and workings of the PA will be provided in a booklet at the start of the school year.

PA Representatives 2016-2017

  • Lower Pre-primary - Adriana Jerca and Ibrahim Ismaeil
  • Middle Pre-primary - Dena Mehalakes
  • Upper Pre-primary - Sara Nicolas, Magdalena Sips, and Fumika Yano
  • Lower Primary - Rebecca Bramlett and Anette Grund
  • Middle Primary - Bhavana Sharma
  • Upper Primary - Miriam Gregorová and Ibrahim Ismaeil
  • PA Active Members - Fabiane Maldonado and Heidi Stouffer
  • PA Secretary - Rebecca Bramlett
  • PA Meeting/Event Coordinators - Mercedes Paganini and Veerle Callebaut
  • PA Accountants - Mercedes Paganini and Veerle Callebaut
  • PA Treasurer - Vacant