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Middle Primary Ms Cristi, Middle Primary - Ms Cristi

Middle Primary Experts!

Dear family members,

I’m thrilled to share with all of you how the middle primary students are making fantastic progress and showing remarkable enthusiasm! Their eagerness to learn is truly infectious and we have had an amazing time together!...Read the full article

Upper Primary - Mr Jamie

Creative Learning and Festive Fun!

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends,

As we reach the end of an eventful term, it's a pleasure to share the highlights from our Upper Primary 2 class, filled with creative projects, scientific exploration, and festive teamwork.

Art and Craft with Papier-Mâché

We started the term with an art project where students created colourful bowls using papier-mâché. This task was not just about art; it also taught patience and attention to detail as students worked with layers of coloured paper.

Exploring Ecology through Literature

In our literature studies, we focused on 'Fourteen Wolves: A Rewilding Story' by Catherine Barr. The students learned about the impact of wolf reintroduction on Yellowstone National Park and expressed their understanding through informative posters. These posters provided a visual insight into how the reintroduction of wolves affected the park's ecosystem.

Science Meets Technology

In our IPC Science task, students explored natural selection and evolution. They started with the story of the peppered moth and then...Read the full article

Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Corine


1 In & inter-dependence

Our learners have got used to our class habits and enjoy all the opportunities to work alone, alongside, and with other children.      
We started our unit by looking at patterns on clothes, then we investigated patterns in our surroundings, and then we celebrated our diversity by looking at traditional patterns from around the world. The patterns of wrapping paper led us into the festive season. We were exhilarated to perform our rainbow dance for our friends at assembly and later, at our exit point exhibition, for our parents. We also loved the Sinterklaas visit as is custom locally as well singing together at the ISG Winter Show.

2 Communication

With so many amazing patterns to be found in art, we saw lots of little artists at work! Land art was looked at to inspire the learners to form patterns in the tuff tray using the autumn treasures we collected on our pattern walk. Some learners also pasted and or printed with dried leaves. We looked at aboriginal dot paintings and recreated them using cotton buds. Mosaic patterns with squares were created and...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Erin


Lower-Primary - Ms Elspeth

Island Adventures and Wintery Wishes!

Dear Friends and Families,

This term has been an engaging journey for our young learners as they delved into the world of Treasure Islands through our IPC topic. We began our exploration by immersing ourselves in geography, exploring concepts such as the equator, northern and southern hemispheres, and cardinal points of a compass. Each child crafted their own map, marking significant geographical elements using a special transparent sheet. This hands-on activity extended to tracing the origins of different fruits, fostering discussions about trade routes and global influences. The children identified and marked oceans and continents, enhancing both their geographical knowledge and understanding of the interconnectedness of our world.

The journey continued with the development of map-making skills, through focusing on the role of a bird's eye view when mapping. Working collaboratively, the children formed teams to create maps of our school playground, considering key elements and their aerial perspectives. The introduction of scale sparked insightful discussions, fostering teamwork and a deeper appreciation for map...Read the full article

IPC Treasure Islands Daily Five, Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta

2024 here we go!


To kick things off, we extend warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year from all of us in Lower Primary 1! The last two months have zoomed by, and the children have been enthusiastically improving their math skills, gaining independence in literacy, and immersing themselves in lessons about geography, mapping skills, and the world of pirates.

In Year 1, our students have delved into new approaches to addition, mastering skip counting by 2s and 10s, while also exploring 2D and 3D shapes. Meanwhile, in Year 2, the focus has shifted towards a comprehensive study of number value, uncovering mathematical patterns through art, delving into the world of doubles, and discovering new methods for addition and subtraction. However busy our numeracy lessons may seem, we always prioritize the importance of making them enjoyable and relevant.

The children are owning the chance to grow more independent with their Daily 5 literacy framework. They can now Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, ...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Middle Primary - Ms Cristi

From Brainwave to Learning Online!

Welcome everyone to our first post from Middle Primary 2023-2024!


What a fantastic start to the new school year! It has been a great adventure welcoming new friends who were new to the school...Read the full article