❀ Plants and flowers ❀

We kicked off the first week of our Plants and Flowers unit with an amazing entry point. We went on a walk in the area around the school to look for plants, flowers, trees, and weeds. Not only did we discover many new plants and flowers, but we also collected  any rubbish  we found on the street during our walk so that the plants had a clean environment to grow. After the trip, we continued playing in our pretend flower store and started learning about  the parts of the flower. We did this in a hands on way through puzzles and crafting our own flowers.

In the second week, we visited a real flower store. Here, we  used all our senses to explore  flowers. They were so pretty and smelled very nice. In the end, we all got to pick our favourite flower to put in our class bouquet. We used this to make an artwork where we painted our favourite flowers in a vase.  We  planted our own flowers and micro greens and learned about their need for water and sunlight to grow. We also practiced spatial awareness with a fun flower planting game and ended the week with a special bingo event which the children loved.

The third week, we welcomed two new friends to our classroom, Mia and Martina. Everyone was very welcoming towards them, and they quickly found their place in the group. During this week, our focus was on floral art, and we learned about the Japanese artist Murakami. We made our own bright flowers with crepe paper  and also did a group project where we worked together to make one very big and colourful flower in the sky. We ended the week by sharing at the assembly. We tried something new and used our body’s to show how seeds grow into flowers. Everyone did their very best and did an amazing job!

In the fourth week, we learned that plants get their food from the soil, we had lots of fun experimenting and getting our hands dirty!  During the week we also had a surprise visit from a real florist. She helped us make our own fairy gardens. It was so much fun, and the results looked amazing. The children have been practicing counting and number recognition through various games involving flowers.  We  had a cosy end to the week by coming to school in our pyjamas to support Bednet.

In the fifth week, we went on another trip to “De tuin van Kina”, where we saw so many different flowers, plants, and blossoms. Here, we helped Fox find a house and even asked every worm, bee, or ant if they had seen the fox. After exploring the garden, we went inside to the bee exhibition and discovered how honey is made and how the bees help grow new flowers. After the trip, we learned about the garden fairy and how magical her garden is. We followed this by cutting, gluing, and painting our own fairy garden with the most magical skies and flowers.

We concluded the unit in the sixth week with our exit point, a trip to the botanical garden.  We could not believe all the plants and flowers surrounding us. Some cactuses were even bigger than the teacher! This week, we also started preparing for Easter by making our own chick  and bunny Easter baskets.  Luckily we did because on Friday we were surprised by the Easter Bunny who hid Easter eggs all over the school for us to find. What a fun way to end the week.

Happy Easter holiday everyone!