IPC: Sand and Water Unit

IPC Unit On ‘Sand and Water’

The Glitter Class 

Upper Pre-Primary

Dear Family and Friends

We have had an amazing final IPC unit all about ‘Sand and Water’.  The students have absolutely loved this unit and with the current wonderful weather it has been a perfect end to a beautiful year of learning.


Here are some highlights:-  


  • Entry point - an indoor beach.  Students wore their swimmers and got to explore the sand room and and the water room.  It was so much fun.
  • Learning about the water cycle using Ms. Chiara’s ‘drop’ story.
  • Learning that water could be a liquid, solid and a gas linking these to experiments.
  • Experiments that The Glitter Class taught to Lower Pre-Primary were so much fun.
  • Working on ‘float and sink’ experiments with our Reading Buddies.
  • Writing on our own non-fiction book all about ‘Sand and Water’.
  • Honing our skills to ask questions, using our new ‘show and tell’ table.  
  • Creating our own beach collaborative artwork.
  • Learning about sharks and seahorses in greater detail.
  • Weighing shells.
  • Transferring water using different methods including syringes and droppers. 
  • Drawing sharks and seahorses using only oral language to guide us.
  • Mixing waters to make new colours.
  • Using magic hands to create secondary colours from primary colours. Wow!
  • Connecting with our unit through a variety of books including by listening to our amazing ‘Reading Buddies’ read non-fiction water books to us.
  • Making ice lollies to enjoy together.
  • Holding a sandcastle building competition.
  • Learning about 2D and 3D shapes, creating our own shape books and making cubes.
  • Creating seahorses, crabs and sharks for our wonderful collaborative artwork.
  • Learning about SDG 14 'Life Below Water' one of the sustainable development goals from the United Nations.
  • Exploring shark eggs.
  • Making cookies for our ‘Reading Buddies’ to say thank you for being our friends and helping to support our learning.
  • Our exit point, a trip to the Blaarmeerson with many wonderful parents.  It was amazing, super weather, a picnic, a swim and a very long walk but all worth it.  Thank you to all of our awesome volunteers. 
  • Learning about time and using the passage of time to realise that time does not stand still.
  • Singing a few favourite songs including ‘Slippery Fish’ and of course, Danny Go and his great shark song. 
  • A super Graduation Ceremony - with Upper Pre-Primary dancing and singing and the non-graduates providing the backing dancing and singing. Well done!
  • Recording a video for the Ceremony using cool interviews with Upper Pre-Primary and our Year 6 Graduates.
  • ‘Mystery Reader’ appreciating all the family and friends that come into school and connect with us through ‘Mystery Reader’.  Guessing the clues and finding out who it might be is still the most fun!  Thank you to all of our ‘Mystery Readers’ from within the school and our families and Grandparents too.  You are all amazing!

We will all miss you very much and wish you a successful year of learning at ISG next year.  Zayn and Aarna - we can't believe that you are leaving. Good luck in the USA Zayn and India Aarna.


What a wonderful year we have had together. Thank you!


Please enjoy a selection of photographs connected to our learning. 


Happy holidays!


With kindest regards.


Ms. Marianne, Ms. Laura and Ms. Chiara