A Stellar Summer Term: An Odyssey of Learning and Adventure

As we bid farewell to another action-packed academic year in our Upper Primary classroom, it's only fitting to reflect on our vibrant Summer Term. This term has been nothing less than an exciting voyage, taking us from the wonders of our solar system to the development of lifelong skills.

Our exploratory journey commenced with the 'Mission to Mars' IPC unit. This module catapulted us into the farthest reaches of the cosmos, the classroom morphing into a spacecraft of sorts. The students, our brave astronauts, launched into their inquiry of our solar system. They traced humankind's quest to conquer space, spanning from ancient star-gazers to modern astronauts.

This celestial voyage also ignited a creative spark in our young scholars. Encouraged to envision an out-of-this-world narrative, they crafted enchanting poems, their words reflecting the infinite beauty of the cosmos. It was indeed fascinating to watch them delve into the art of poetry, mastering its techniques while spinning tales of interstellar journeys.

In addition to academics, our Summer Term centred around developing vital life skills together with Ms. Eirini – our intern from Greece! Our students took on various responsibilities, honing their leadership skills. Social skills and friendship took the centre stage, setting the tone for a nurturing and supportive classroom atmosphere. Learning to identify and express emotions was another valuable lesson that made our term a holistic growth journey.

As a graduating class, we ventured beyond the confines of our classroom to celebrate our Year 6s. We navigated the stunning canals of Ghent, marvelled at the wonders in 'The World of Kina' Museum, and enjoyed the serene beauty of the Blaarmeersen. Our students also tried their hand at graffiti stencils! A highlight was our overnight camping experience on the school playground, under a sky painted with stars.

The grand finale of our Summer Term was the heartwarming graduation assembly for our Year 6 students. The ceremony was peppered with touching interviews and advice exchanges between the graduating Year 6s and the eager incoming Year 1s. It was a testament to the caring, supportive community we've nurtured in our school.

To our departing Year 6 students, and indeed all students as they transition to their new academic levels, I wish you the very best of luck. Remember, every step you take is a stepping stone towards incredible achievements. Embrace each new challenge with the same zest and enthusiasm you've demonstrated this year.

Have a fantastic summer break, and here's to new beginnings in the coming school year. See you in September, bright-eyed and ready to learn!