They could barely stop talking about them...!

During this IPC unit we have learned much about the amazing world of bears. Children are always curious about animals and bears are an interesting and fun one to focus on! They could barely stop talking about them...!


Our entry point for this unit was a teddy bears’ picnic at school. Children were allowed to bring a teddy bear from home for the entire unit starting by joining our! As a snack, the children made their own sandwiches, which of course made them double delicious!

During this unit, roll playing was a key element. The children listened to the story of Goldilocks and the three bears and then role played it. For a whole week, the story kept being played over and over. The children never seemed to have enough! Later on, we removed the props and introduced the four puppets. The children loved using the puppets to tell the story.


Throughout these weeks we have learned much about bears: the different kinds there are, where they live, what they eat, about hibernation, … Very exciting things to learn!

During sports the students went on a bear hunt. They had to swim, jump and travel just like in the story We are going on a bear hunt.

The children created polar bear portraits with forks, made their own bear hats and binoculars and stamped bear pawprints.

In our water table, children classified bears according to colour by putting them in the right pipe. As a sensory activity, our students experimented with coloured ice cubes. They loved it!

During this unit we completed bear patters and practice making more challenging puzzles too. 


For our exit point we went on a trip to the Citadelpark! There we went through caves, did an obstacle course with our sports teacher, Mr Francis, and had a teddy bears’ picnic. To finalize we went on a bear hunt and found a bear that was hibernating (Ms Luna)! The bear was very kind and woke up to say hello to the children before going back to sleep.

Learning about bears has been an amazing journey and we look forward to the next IPC unit after the holidays!

Ms Laura and Ms Dori