IPC personal goal "Cooperation"

We have discussed the word cooperation and now we are trying to see how and when we cooperate in our class.


This is what we said about cooperation when we tried to define the word:

- We cooperate when we work together, share things and give support to each others.

- We cooperate when we do our part and do our best and when we encourage others to do their best.

- We cooperate when we include others.

- We cooperate when we listen to each other and hear when someone asks for help.


We have been cooperation during lessons:

This is what it looked like when we designed an eye test during one of our Science lessons. We gave each other feedback, we worked side by side and we have two different eye test charts now, one for children and one for adults. We will show these during the exit point and we hope that some parents and pupils here at ISG will come and test their eyes in our 'optician corner'. We like to share what we learn with others!



We have been cooperating during our choosing time:

A few weeks ago we started building something with our Quick Construction blocks and we built together. We cooperated and we helped each other! We talked nicely to each other. We listened to each other and we compromised. We built a robot! The whole class was involved and we had lots of fun during the process.

We are so proud of our hard work and the result! Now we are dreaming of making a movie where the robot is the bad guy, who destroys the Lego village and the Skeleton is the hero, who saves all the Lego people...


On our classroom door, where we have our "personal goal display', we gather evidence of cooperation in our class. There are already four post-its with examples of cooperation in Upper Primary. We want to add more!