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Upper Pre-Primary - Ms Corine


Independence and Interdependence

The children learned about the local area and the diversity within it when they visited a local supermarket, the bustling Friday market in the city centre, a bakery and a second hand shop. These excursions sparked meaningful discussions about packaging and food miles, enhancing their understanding of environmental sustainability. Engaged in the concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling, learners eagerly identified litter along the roadsides.

Learners were proud to show off the currencies of their home countries and it was fun to look at the intricate details on the coins and notes using magnifying glasses. We also played a memory game with different currencies as well as a shopping boardgame and lotto fostering a positive attitude towards competition. 
In class they enjoyed role-playing as both shoppers and shopkeepers. As our exit point the older learners applied their newfound skills when selling snacks to their younger and older friends in school. They decided the proceeds from the sale were to be spend on a chocolate cupcake party as well as on helping people...Read the full article

Middle Primary, Ms Cristi, Middle Primary - Ms Cristi

Future inventors!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new blog! The new year of 2024 has burst into our classroom with lots of excitement and adventure! Middle primary has been diving into lots of new learning, embarking on very exciting projects, and creating meaningful memories together! Get ready for all the...Read the full article

Lower-Primary - Ms Julieta, Lower-Primary - Ms Elspeth

Blown Away!

Welcome back to our Blog! Since January, we have been very busy with our new unit of inquiry, 'What is it made of?', and many more activities! What a busy couple of months!!!

The children have been involved in various activities aimed at understanding how materials possess different properties and how they can be processed into useful things. We explored various materials to create fit-for-purpose hats. These hats needed to be comfortable to keep the children cool in hot weather, protect them from the sun, and be sturdy. Using their creativity, the children crafted some interesting hats and gained an understanding that different materials have different properties to serve a purpose.

Together as a class, we reflected on how most of our toys are made out of plastic. The children agreed that plastic is a material that can be melted and poured into molds to make many copies. With this idea in mind, the class tested materials to see if they would melt or not. They also made predictions and recorded the results of their findings.

To learn more from an expert, Dr. Artur Tamm, an atomistic physicist and Adeele’s...Read the full article

Lower Pre-Primary - Ms Erin


We kicked off the new year with our shopping unit. We decided to cook soup and created our own shopping list. Following this we went on our entry-point trip to the grocery store, where we explored the different sections in the shop and bought all the ingredients. Then, it was time to make our cauliflower-bell pepper soup. The children were excited and happy to cut up all the vegetables themselves. After some cooking and mixing, we all enjoyed the soup, and everyone wanted to take the leftovers home. This week, we also started playing in our pretend store, taking on the roles of shopkeepers and customers.

In the second week, we delved into the market, discovering that it resembled a store but was located outside with many stalls. We explored markets from different countries, finding many similarities and some differences. This week, we also experimented with using a weighing scale and learned words like "heavier," "lighter," and "even." Balancing different groceries with blocks was fun and a great way to practice counting. On Friday, we went on a trip to a real market in Ghent. Using all...Read the full article

Upper-Primary - Ms Kelsey

We are Upper Primary 1!

Welcome to the adventurous world of Upper Primary 1: In Blog, Edition Three!

The new year has kicked off splendidly in UP 1, and I'm thrilled to share some of the memorable moments from our exciting learning journey. We have said goodbye to our intern Natalia, who certainly...Read the full article

Upper Primary - Mr Jamie

Ancient Worlds, Young Inspirations

We've been on quite the journey this half-term, merging historical exploration with the inspiration of real-life heroes. Our adventure back to 900 CE has brought the ancient Mayan civilization and the Kingdom of Benin right into our classroom, through activities like map-making and building model cities. It's been a hands-on experience that's not just about memorizing dates but also connecting with the people and cultures of the past. Check out our Entry Point games where pupils took part  in Viking rowing races and pyramid building to get them into a historical mood!

Our literacy unit has taken us on another exciting journey with the book, "Rise Up: Ordinary Kids with Extraordinary Stories". It's a collection of biographies about young individuals who've achieved remarkable feats, and our students have enjoyed reading these stories. They've been identifying what makes these biographies so compelling, from Greta Thunberg to Ayesha Farooq and discussing what we can learn from these extraordinary young people. By summarizing these stories and even trying to rewrite them as autobiographies, our students are not...Read the full article

Upper-Primary - Ms Kelsey

The world of Upper Primary 1!

Welcome to the fantastic world of Upper Primary 1: In Blog, Edition Two!

This term has been a whirlwind of excitement, and our class has undergone some big changes. First off, we bid farewell to the amazing Ms. Narissa, sending her off with our best wishes for her new adventures back in Australia. She'll be dearly missed by the entire ISG family, students and staff alike. My name is Ms. Kelsey, and I am joining you from the state of Texas. I am thrilled to embark on this learning journey with the fantastic Upper Primary 1 group! Thank you all for the warm welcome into your classroom. ...Read the full article